Thousands Turn Up for Brexit Rally

Thousands of people descended on London today to attend a pro-Brexit march and rally supported by UKIP and Tommy Robinson.

Starting at the Dorchester Hotel, the march proceeded down to Whitehall, with Brexit supporters flying flags of all colours:

Batten was first to speak at the rally, welcoming those who had spent their time and money to come down and support the event. He stated that UKIP must be rebuilt in order to pressure the government, as only their “electoral threat” would make the Westminster elite change their minds.

Following Batten, Robinson took the mic. He spoke about how he never really believed that democracy would work, until he saw the Brexit vote. He urged the crowd to get involved in campaigns to put the pressure on the government, and that the media and the establishment feared the people actually doing something.

Sargon of Akkad also addressed the crowd, arguing that the EU would soon fall to the tide of populism that it had unleashed upon itself.

The estimated amount of attendees ranged from around 7,500 to 10,000:

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