The Scottish Family Party – What You Need to Know

Scotland has a new right-wing, pro-family party, the SFP, who aim to fill the void left by the main parties and reinvigorate disenfranchised Scottish voters.

Formed in August of last year Richard Lucas, an ex-UKIP member who became dissatisfied with the party’s direction, the SFP quickly began promoting their policies and ideas through their YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

A brief description of the party and their goals can be found on their website:

We are a new political party in Scotland. We will campaign on a range of issues, but our central goal is to gain election into the Scottish Parliament through the regional list system. We currently have no paid staff, no wealthy backers, and no celebrity endorsements. What we do have is passion, drive and a determination to bring about a shift in Scottish political debate. Our arguments are strong and we are confident our policies will appeal widely. We’re also aware that some will oppose our ideas strongly, but we’ll keep putting forward our case clearly and respectfully.

The Party’s policies are broadly pro-Christian and nationalistic, with a strong emphasis on building communities, reforming education, and defending freedoms. The SFP has vocally campaigned against the SNP’s “named person” policy, which assigns every Scottish child a state official to monitor them until they are 18:

The implication that every family needs overseeing by a state official is both demeaning and dangerous. The family is a private realm into which the state should only reluctantly intrude out of necessity. Unless there are clear reasons, it should be assumed that parents care for their children with love and commitment, devoting themselves in a way that the state cannot begin to emulate.

Regarding education, they provide a strong opposition to teaching children that gender is something which can be chosen:

Teaching children that they can choose their gender is harmful. Steering children and young people towards puberty-blocking drugs and sex reassignment surgery is irresponsible. Parents should be free to overrule interventions by government agents when guiding their children on such matters. Parents are best placed to understand their children and have primary responsibility for their care and well-being, as such their views must take precedence over other voices when guiding their children on such matters.

A large portion of their policy section is devoted to speaking about the value of life, with the SFP taking a strong pro-life stance on the topic of abortion.

We affirm the value of human life in the womb. Abortion as a means of birth control is morally unjustifiable. Ultimately, we would like to see the law reflect this, but immediate steps could include offering independent counselling to those considering an abortion, reducing the current 24 week limit for abortions, and preventing abortion on grounds of disability after 24 weeks. We would ensure that young people are presented with the facts about abortion and the possible emotional consequences when the subject is discussed in schools. No organisation which provides abortions should be entitled to charitable status.

On their YouTube channel (linked above), Lucas provides his insight on different events taking place in Scotland, and is heavily critical of all major Scottish parties.

We reached out to Richard, asking why voting for the SFP would be different from voting for the Scottish Conservatives.

At the last Scottish election, I heard many people say that they didn’t want to vote for any of the parties on offer. They had no way to express their socially conservative views at the ballot box. We’re here to change that.
– Richard Lucas

Despite the negative attention the party has received thus far from mainstream sites in Scotland, the party continues to grow.

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