Telford Abuse Victim Forced to Let Rapist See Child

Another victim of sexual abuse has come forward to claim that social services in Telford forced her to let her rapist see her child.

After Sammy Woodhouse, a victim of one of the Rotherham rape gangs told her story about her rapist, Arshid Hussain, almost being given access to her child, “Alison” told the Mirror her almost identical tale about her abuse in Telford.

She told the paper that her situation was only one example of something that had been going on for years, and it was an “absolute disgrace” it was ever allowed to happen:

I was forced to take my child to a contact centre to see my abuser, where I had to sit across from him. He wanted to hurt me by targeting the thing I loved most in the world. It was just another way of trying to control me. Despite the fact I’d repeatedly tried to tell police and social services what was going on, the court allowed him to see my child. I was told I would be held in contempt and arrested if I didn’t take him to the contact centre. They made me feel like I was the one in the wrong. I was terrified I’d go to jail. The whole thing was extremely traumatic. It gave my child nightmares for years.

Alison added that to her, it seemed like “the rights of the victims always come second to the rights of perpetrators”, arguing that the system only allows for “further emotional abuse”.

Alison was one of the first to be abused in the 1980s, and claims nobody listened to her cries for help, alleging she was asked to leave her school for “setting a bad example” by having a baby at 15. The Pakistani rapist took no legal parental responsibility for the child, who is now 32, but continued to stalk and rape her for two years after the child’s birth. An injunction was granted to stop him, but Alison claims he violated this “on an almost daily basis”, and that police would not intervene when he did so.

Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans of West Mercia Police released a statement on Alison’s situation:

The case has understandably had a significant and long-lasting impact on the lady involved and her family. We do not underestimate that impact. Knowledge and understanding of child sexual exploitation has moved on a long way. I offer my reassurance to any victims who report child sexual abuse, whether it happened recently or some time ago, that they will be dealt with by our dedicated team with respect and dignity.

Shropshire Council, who was in charge of social services in Telford at the time, refused to comment.

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