Austrian Chapel to Broadcast Islamic Call to Prayer over Christmas Period

A chapel in Linz, Austria, will broadcast the Islamic call to prayer over the Christmas period, in order to prove that Islam is a “religion of peace”.

ADHINA, an art installation created by Werner Puntigam and Klaus Hollinetz, is designed to “combine the Islamic ritual with the everyday sounds of a secular-urban world”. Puntigam recorded ambient sound along with calls to prayer during his travels around Mozambique, Singapore, Algeria and Turkey. The advent period was deliberately chosen to demonstrate the project to show that both Christianity and Islam can form a “harmonious interaction”, showing that they are both “religions of peace”.

There has been backlash to the idea of the project, with many commenters drastically opposing it.

“Cold Sophie” said that the art installation was “nonsense”:

Islam has little to do with Advent. In general, this self-proclaimed art project has nothing to do with Christianity, on the contrary. For me, that is more of a suppression of Christianity, aiding Islam-imperialism.

“Facebook is Doof” argued that people complain about more traditional forms of noise, but not this:

Against cocks crowing early in the morning or bells dangling from the church tower, on the other hand, is complained. You have to endure a muezzin. We tolerate ourselves to death.

Irene Reindl said it is not surprising the installation was allowed to play Islamic music in a Christian chapel, and not the other way around:

How peaceful Islam is, these two ‘artists’ are welcome to try it out by singing Christian chants next to a selected Grand Mosque during Ramadan. I bet they do not have guts for that. But with the Christians you can do it, because you know that they actually remain peaceful.


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