Laura Loomer Chains Herself to Twitter HQ

Laura Loomer, the conservative Jewish activist, handcuffed herself to Twitter headquarters in order to protest her removal from the platform. Loomer was cut free and arrested at around 6PM local time.

Miss Loomer was permanently banned from the platform earlier this month, the latest in a long line of conservative commentators to be unceremoniously removed for “hate speech” and other such claimed infractions. Loomer has claimed during the protest that “verified liberals and verified leftists” are free to post “assassination threats” against President Trump without being removed from the site.

Loomer came with posters of tweets including anti-semitic messages put out by Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam:

However, they were then taken down by workers from the building. “They banned my account. Now you’re trying to steal my tweets in real life,” she yelled. This morning, she joined a class-action lawsuit against Twitter and several others to combat political bias, claiming that she “found it necessary to join [it] to end the discrimination” by Big Tech against conservatives.

Many conservatives have tweeted supporting messages to Loomer:

Pro free-speech social media platform Gab tweeted out in support of her protest, including tweeting out the website and archives of violent tweets from leftists that she had mentioned earlier:

However, others were more critical of Loomer’s protest, including Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting and 2nd Amendment activist, and Ben Shapiro, editor of The Daily Wire:

According to a screenshot from Mike Cernovich, the protest hit number 1 on Twitter’s worldwide trending list:

Twitter released a statement on the protest part-way through:

We have notified the relevant authorities who are responding. The account holder was suspended for violating our policies. We apply the Twitter Rules impartially and not based on ideology.

A live-stream of the protest can be watched back below:

UPDATE (10:16 PM GMT):

UPDATE (10:43 PM GMT):

The original livestream has ended – a new one posted by Michael Malice can be viewed below:

UPDATE (10:45 PM GMT):

It seems Ms Loomer is in the protest for the long run…

UPDATE (10:56 PM GMT):

CJ Pearson, whose tweet was quoted earlier in this story supporting Loomer’s protest, has had his account locked again:

UPDATE (11:02 PM GMT):

UPDATE (11:10 PM GMT):

Loomer has been arrested and placed into a police car, ending her protest:

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