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Dad Accused of Child Abuse For Not Accepting Son is Transgender

A Texas mother has accused her ex-husband of child abuse for refusing to accept that their 6-year-old boy, James, is, in fact, a little girl called “Luna”.

Anne Georgulas insists that her son, James, is a “gender expansive or transgender child and, by choice, now goes by the name Luna”. Georgulas, somehow a licensed paediatrician, is petitioning the court to remove all rights from her ex-husband, Jeffrey Younger, as well as forcing him to pay for hormone treatment, which would begin when James turns 8, along with counselling from a so-called “therapist” who would affirm his “chosen” gender identity.

Walt Heyer, a survivor of transgenderism, wrote in The Federalist about the case, noting that James could not even fulfil the necessary requirements of gender dysphoria, even in the eyes of transgender advocates:

The transition therapist has observed that James is not consistent, insistent, or persistent in the desire to become “Luna.” For example, a dossier filed with the Dallas court says that, under the skilled eyes of the therapist, the child was presented two pieces of paper, one with the word “James” and one with the word “Luna,” and asked to pick the name he preferred. When the appointment only included his mother, James selected Luna, the name and gender he uses at his mother’s home and in his first-grade classroom. When the appointment was only with his father, however, James pointed to the boy name James, not the girl name.

Heyer continues, explaining that this clear disparity should immediately cause the reassessment of the case, and potentially terminate any steps made by the mother to instigate James’s transition.

However, this has not stopped the court from imposing insane restrictions on the rights of the father, who is not allowed to cut his son’s hair, share his own beliefs on sexuality and transgenderism, or even to attend school events, for fear he would “out” his son as not being “Luna”.

Younger wrote in a court dossier that his ex-wife is “crazy and dangerous”:

The willingness of the courts to go along with probable child abuse is creating conditions for massive social unrest. Few things are more important to people than the care and rearing of their young. The courts are entertaining government suppression of some of the most fundamental practices and traditions of American families.

Transgender children are becoming a more and more prominent phenomenon. In Brighton, England, a school recently revealed that 76 pupils either did not identify with their biological sex, or identified as “gender fluid”.

You can follow the case on the website and support Younger in the battle for his son, by going to

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