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Prostitutes Flown in for Sex Work in London

A former special constable and his wife are on trial, charged with flying in Eastern European women to work as prostitutes in order to fund their lavish lifestyle.

The accused, Karl Ring, 34, and Ivett Szuda, 32, are accused of using the money made from this business to live in the lap of luxury, including taking multiple 5-star holidays and buying expensive designer clothes. Ring was employed by the Metropolitan Police as a special constable from 2013 to 2015.

Szuda, created online adverts aimed at Hungarian women offering prostitution work. She and Ring paid more than £100,000 in rent for apartments in London in order to facilitate the demand. As reported by the Telegraph, one such property is in the Chelsea Cloisters building on Sloane avenue, which is owned by tycoon and Tory party donor Christopher Morgan.

Judge Robin Johnson warned the jury to focus on the evidence before them:

I am told there has been some media coverage over the weekend as to Chelsea Cloisters. The story focused on a man who was a donor to a major party. You should ignore it so far as your decision making is concerned. You should make your decision making on what you hear in the court.

The couple were accused of running a website called Kensington Angels advertising more than 100 prostitutes. One woman flown in from Hungary after responding to an ad on the website described working for the couple:

She showed me around the flat and she offered me two rooms. The smaller room was £60 per day and the bigger one for £80 per day. The hotel had a reception and it worked like a hotel system but the rooms had kitchens and bathrooms. They were basically hotel apartments. There was another girl when I arrived and she was doing sex work and there was another one who was just doing massage only. Everyone had their own rooms.

She finished by stating that business was bad for her, and that she returned to Hungary after six days.

Ian McLoughlin, prosecuting, said Ms Szuda was also known as Eva by the girls. He told Isleworth Crown Court:

The women by and large have come voluntarily. However willing a particular individual concerned may have been, the moving of anyone into the UK if it’s found that you are going to control them in prostitution is an offence.

Ring and Szuda have both denied 12 counts of controlling prostitution for gain, four counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation and one count of possessing criminal property. The trial has not reached yet a conclusion.

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