Migrant Caravan Attacks US Border – Leftists Cry Racism

The migrant caravan finally stormed the US-Mexico border this weekend; US Border Guards responded to rock-throwing migrants with tear gas and pepper spray.

In Tiajuana, members of the migrant caravan stormed the border crossing en masse, throwing stones and other projectiles at the border fence. Video footage posted on Twitter shows them in action:

In response, the guards took to using tear gas and pepper spray to hold the tidal wave back. A former border guard joked to Fox News that the migrants could put the pepper spray “on their nachos and eat it”, and that it was a “natural way” of dispersing them:

The San Diego Border Patrol chief told CNN that the migrants pushed “women and children to the front”, assaulted “our agents”, and noted that “the majority don’t meet the qualifications to get asylum”:

Other migrants, while not violent, were certainly shown to be ungrateful – one woman complained about food donated by the Mexican government to the migrant caravan was only fit “for pigs”.

Of course, leftists were quick to decry the inhumane treatment of “innocent women and children” online:

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the darling of the left and self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialist”, even went so far as to claim the migrants attempting to cross the border were no different than Jews fleeing Nazi Germany:

Ocasio-Cortez also previously claimed ICE, the US immigration enforcement agency, violated human rights by implementing immigration law.

Twitter leftists failed to pick up on the fact that under President Obama, border agents had used almost identical tactics to disperse migrants almost 5 years ago to the day:

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