#ThotAudit: Sex Workers Reported En Masse to IRS

In an online campaign known as #ThotAudit, sex workers are being reported to the IRS en masse for failing to disclose money earned from premium Snapchat accounts and other statutory taxable income.

#ThotAudit first came to prominence when a user on Facebook known as David Wu, asked people to report all “sex-workers to the IRS or the local law-enforcement” if anybody saw them on his posts. It may have remained simply a flippant comment, but Wu later posted a screengrab of someone complaining they were being audited by the IRS because somebody reported their premium Snapchat account; the post was shared over 18,000 times on Facebook, and it escalated from there.

The #ThotAudit movement in action
An example of someone being reported.

The idea seems to have originated from a comment often posted by women in the sex industry, who argue that “sex work is real work” – people posting in the #ThotAudit hashtag claim that if sex work is “real work”, then those who profit from it should be happy to pay taxes on it:

A Twitter user claiming to be a CPA tax specialist did also confirm that selling access to Snapchat accounts where one would post nude or lewd images does count as “statutory taxable income”:

The hashtag then gained traction, with some sex workers attempting to give others advice about taxes, and others threatening violence:

Since deleted account @trashedvixen warns other sex workers about the hashtag.
User @yevgeniya threatens violence
User @yevgeniya has since deleted the tweet.

Leftist commentators also began to pick up on the hashtag:

Many other users supported the hashtag, pointing out the hypocrisy of the left, slamming mainstream news sites for labelling the posters as “incels”, or simply posting memes:

At the time of writing, there have been no confirmed IRS audits into anyone targeted by #ThotAudit.

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