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Tommy Robinson Hired as Adviser by UKIP Leader

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten has appointed political activist Tommy Robinson as an adviser on rape gangs and prison reformation.

Batten stated that Robinson has “great knowledge” on these subjects:

I have appointed Tommy Robinson to be a personal special adviser on two subjects which he has great knowledge. It is not necessary for him to be a party member in order to assist me in this role. I am looking forward to working with him.

Since founding the English Defence League in 2009, Tommy has been a relentless and fierce critic of Islam, and the UK’s repeated refusal to address the issue of rape gangs such as the one in Rotherham.

Robinson has also been on the receiving end of mass criticism and censorship. He was attacked by most of Britain’s media for his jokes aimed at Muslims in the UK, and was eventually banned from Twitter, for stating that “90% of grooming gang convictions are Muslims”. He has been physically assaulted multiple times by members of antifa, a collection of far-left violent groups who attempt to shut down free speech both at home in the UK and abroad.

He has also had multiple run-ins with the law, most recently he was jailed for 13 months, after being found in contempt of court due to filming people involved in a grooming case. The sentence was later struck down by the Lord Chief Justice, and referred to the Attorney General.

Robinson is not a member of UKIP, as there is a blanket ban by the party on EDL members being allowed to join. However, Batten has previously stated he is in favour of Robinson joining the party:

My personal opinion is that we should find a way of allowing Tommy Robinson to become a member. Because, for all his faults –and I’m sure he will admit he has got them — and his indiscretions, he is incredibly brave and he has stood up and defended people in the face of grave danger to himself. And I am talking now about these victims of industrialised sexual abuse. He has got the sheer guts to stand up and defend those people. And my view is that in his case we should make an exception — a one off.

A UKIP NEC vote to decide Robinson’s potential membership of the party was deferred until after 29th March 2019, the day the UK leaves the EU.

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