Rudd: “Parliament Will Block No Deal”

Amber Rudd, the new Work and Pensions Secretary, has claimed that Parliament would block a no-deal Brexit if Theresa May’s withdrawal deal was voted down.

In an interview with the Today programme on Radio 4, Rudd, an ardent Remainer during the referendum, claimed that “what the country needs now is the certainty of an orderly exit”. She went on to say that “Parliament, the House of Commons will stop no deal,” because there is currently no majority support for such an occurrence.

She later reiterated her stance in an interview with Channel 4:

Rudd was praised online by Keir Starmer, the Labour Shadow Brexit Secretary, who is pushing for a second referendum to reverse the decision taken in 2016.

Her comments came after Damian Collins, an “uber-Remainer” Conservative MP said that if the deal was voted down, there should be either a general election or a second referendum:

If we couldn’t get an agreement and we were basically stuck in a situation where it was a deal we don’t want or the cliff edge, I think if we reach that point I don’t think as Parliament we could just stand back and watch the country fall off the edge of a cliff without asking the people whether that was a step they wanted to take… some mechanism of consulting the people – be it a general election or a second referendum.

Rudd replaced Esther McVey as WPS, after McVey resigned last week, unable to support the Prime Minister’s withdrawal deal. At Prime Minister’s Questions today, McVey asked Mrs May if the UK would “leave the EU on the 29th March 2019, come what may?” The Prime Minister responded in the affirmative, raising doubts as to whether a no-deal Brexit could truly be blocked. This comment from the Prime Minister contradicts her recent statements that it was either her deal or no Brexit at all.

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