Gab Hits $1.07 Million Funding Goal

Gab, the free-speech alternative to Twitter, has hit its goal of $1.07 million raised during its second round of investment on StartEngine.

Last year, Gab became only the 7th company to surpass $1 million invested on StartEngine and has now pulled off the feat twice, with only one day to spare.

Founded in 2016 by Andrew Torba, Gab was created in order to combat the suppression of free speech on the internet. The site describes its mission on StartEngine as follows:

Gab seeks to free humanity from the chains of Silicon Valley’s data silo, psychological manipulation, censorship, and ideological echo chambers… Our mission is and always has been to defend free expression and individual liberty for all people. We wish to conserve these values on the internet for generations to come and foster a culture and community that cherishes freedom.

Torba told Sabre’s Edge that the Gab team are “humbled and honored to have the trust and faith of The People. With this capital we will be able to expand our team, refine our product, build out infrastructure, and secure the home of free speech online.”

Gab has often been accused by the mainstream media of supporting and inflaming “hate speech”, due to their strong support for the First Amendment and the right of all to speak freely. Gab faced being kicked off of the internet only last month, after it was revealed that the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter had had an account on their platform. In a post on Medium, the social media site made it clear that they disavowed all violence, pointing out how “Social media often brings out the best and the worst of humanity… Criminals and criminal behavior exist on every social media platform.”

Despite this, the site was then blacklisted by their web host, Joyent, and the domain registrar GoDaddy, along with the payment processors PayPal and Stripe; this forced the site to shut down for a period of time as new hosts were found. While the site is now back up, users remain unable to purchase GabPro accounts at the time of writing.

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